Lenovo’s Mirage AR Headset Has A New Marvel Game And Some New Universal Controllers

Lenovo’s Mirage AR Headset Has A New Marvel Game And Some New Universal Controllers
Image: Gizmodo UK

Two years ago IFA saw the launch of the Lenovo Mirage AR headset, alongside the Jedi Challenges app. Powered by a smartphone, and coming bundled with an official lightsaber controller, you could use it to fight holograms of many Star Wars baddies.

Despite my assertions that it could be a good way to introduce people to AR via their smartphones, nothing really happened with it. Now, two years later, Lenovo has another app to add to the collection: A Marvel game where you take on the role off various Marvel characters.

Marvel’s Dimensions of Heroes is a simple shooter, using a new set of universal controllers to shoot various baddies. The headset remains unchanged, and the way things are played is unchanged, but now there are two different games to enjoy if you have one of these headsets at home. You will need the new controllers to do anything, though, because the lightsaber controller doesn’t work with with this. The controllers themselves work with Jedi Challenges but according to the person on the stand that game is better suited to being played with the lightsaber than these.

But the controllers are ‘universal controllers’ which suggests Lenovo might be doing more games like this in the future. How many is still unclear, but hopefully it’s enough to shift a few more of these headsets around Christmas times. Each one runs on two AA batteries and apparently lasts around eight hours on a single charge. As usual the headset itself has an internal battery which is recharged via microUSB, while your phone charges however you normally charge it.

The game itself puts you in the shoes of various Marvel heroes, and the demo had Star Lord and his iconic guns in a holographic shooting gallery. Apparently the main game also features Captain America, Black Panther, Doctor Strange, Captain Marvel, and Thor. While they weren’t on show at IFA, there will also be different game modes, including a co-op mode that lets you link up with a friend and fight baddies together.

It’s a little bit harder than the Star Wars version because you have to keep tapping pretty much all the time and my hand started to get a bit sore. Swinging a lightsaber is much easier, even if that did make me break out in a sweat trying to beat Darth Vader. The controllers weren’t too comfortable on my hands either, since they need to be pointing forwards, but given enough time you can no doubt find your own sweet spot to make it more comfortable.

Sadly the Mirage AR headset isn’t available in Australia, but it’s still fun to look at this stuff.