Kickstarter Campaign For A Phone That’s Just A Phone Has Smashed Its $150K Goal In Just One Day

In the kingdom of smartphones, the dumb phone is king apparently, given the rate at which the Kickstarter for the Mudita Pure minimalistic phone has been funded.

Editor’s Note: As of writing, the Kickstarter has reached $257,662.

The Mudita Pure is essentially a landline handset with some additional features tacked on, and an e-ink display. With no internet connectivity whatsoever, functions are limited to calls, texts, notes, a calendar, calculator, alarm clock, torch, voice recorder and a music player.

The absence of Wi-Fi and mobile data presumably means that your calendar app won’t be able to sync with anything, plus you’re going to be limited on the audio front if you’re used to being spoiled for choice when it comes to music streaming. Does anyone actually download music for keeps anymore?

The Kickstarter video shows a clueless man completely lacking in manners and social awareness barrel into a woman on the street without looking up from his smartphone, who he would’ve tried to fuck had he been looking up is my understanding, while he’s on the way to a date with another woman, who he ignores completely in favour of staring at his phone like a mindless zombie.

This seems like less of a smartphone issue and more of a ‘you’ issue. If spending a few hundred dollars on a new phone that’s lacking in apps and has no internet connection is what it takes to turn you into a respectful and courteous human being, that’s still not going to do the trick. You’re just a dick – with or without the internet to blame.

When it comes to aesthetics, it looks like landline handset that’s been bleached in the sun, and as for the e-ink display, it isn’t a new concept. The Kingrow K1 is an e-ink smartphone but seems a bit shit given the review it got over on Unbox Therapy. I guess it does mean this thing will last a long time, but how long isn’t clear because there’s no mention of battery life.

“At Mudita, we believe that great things happen when we’re fully present. As tech giants and brands aim to fill our lives with more technology and limit our privacy, encouraging people to share and live their life through their devices and platforms, Mudita wants to do the opposite” said Mudita founder, Michal Kicinsk (who also co-founded CD Projekt, the studio behind The Witcher series).

“Our mission is to take away the pressures of social media and our always-online attitude through education and the stripping back of unnecessary tech elements of everyday products to focus on living our lives offline. We want to help people build a more balanced and healthier relationship with technology.

“Every day we are overloaded with information – it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find inner peace. We believe that Mudita Pure can also be used as a second phone to help us unplug during evenings, weekends or holidays in order to spend quality time with our loved ones or enjoying solitude.”

The retail price of the phone is $545 but if you’re quick you can grab it for $381. If this seems like the bee’s knees to you, let us know why in the comments, because manners cost nothing and failing that, there’s always airplane mode.

This post originally appeared on Gizmodo UK, which is gobbling up the news in a different timezone.