How To Use All Your Devices To Keep Your Life In Check

How To Use All Your Devices To Keep Your Life In Check
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For most people, the days of only having one computer and one phone have been nigh-on eliminated. We’re buying more and more devices to appease our various needs, from entertainment to organisation, and it can either result in highly efficient and maximised organisation… or chaos.

The easiest way to make sure things don’t collapse into technological anarchy? Assign a core purpose to each of your devices. That doesn’t mean you can’t use them interchangeably (technology is perfectly designed to have that functionality) but it can help keep things in order.

Here’s a quick rundown on how to make sure all of your devices are helping ease the stress of managing your existence, so you can keep your life AND devices in check.

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Keeping communication clear on your phone

It’s the one device you probably have on you almost 24/7, so you want to make sure it’s doing its best to keep you organised, available and on track for success. It should come as no shock that its core purposes are communication and life admin.

The first step? Organising all your apps. Whether you opt for Android or iOS, you need to keep it clean. If you’re one of those people who accumulate a lot of extraneous apps over time and then proceed to never use them (don’t be ashamed), now’s the time to clear them.

With all those random apps cleared out, you’ll quickly realise that the only notifications left are the ones you actually need for communication. Texts, missed calls, emails and social media updates will be the only remaining pop-ups, leaving you free to focus on those.

As for life admin, don’t forget that if you have a Google Home or equivalent, you can also link it up with your phone so that you can set alarm clocks, play music, and set up your home for voice activation too. Last big tip? Turn your phone to vibrate. It’s likely to always be in your pocket anyway, so you’ll feel if it goes off without being that one annoying person with their phone on loud.

Getting productive on your laptop

How To Use All Your Devices To Keep Your Life In CheckImage: iStockPhoto

Inevitably, your laptop is where you’ll most likely get all your work done. Productivity will see you tapping onto those keys, and if you’re off on a business trip then chances are you’ll have a spiffy little laptop case with a handle to carry it around like an important person.

So you’re going to want to make sure that not only is your laptop organised, but that your work is organised too. There are the obvious answers here: pop your files into folders, update all the required software and clear your cache.

If you’re a part of a team, you may also want to consider checking out a team management website like That way, when you’re working across a large group of people, you can ensure everyone is on the same page, even if you’re using your laptop to work from home. You can assign tasks to everyone, and make sure there’s no disconnect.

Because everyone knows that working from home requires a good laptop, a strong internet connection, a whole lot of dedication and some seriously good organisation/time management schemes.

Having a laugh with your tabler

How To Use All Your Devices To Keep Your Life In CheckImage: Supplied

Now, we turn our focus to entertainment and here’s the thing: tablets don’t have to just function as an expensive paperweight. If your tablet is connected to the internet, you can have just as much functionality on them as you do your laptop ” with added manoeuvrability.

Entertainment is king on a tablet. In order to maximise this capacity, you’re going to want to again get rid of any extraneous apps in order to allow space for the bigger streaming, game playing and download usage. You can also make it function as a e-reader, if you’re not much of a movie viewer.

Word to the wise: if you’re going to get a tablet for entertainment purposes, get one with Wi-Fi so that you don’t have to use up all your mobile data.

Keeping fit with your smart watch

How To Use All Your Devices To Keep Your Life In Check

The biggest benefit that smart watches have over your other devices is that while you can use the others to monitor your work, the watch can monitor you. Sure, that sounds only slightly creepy, but it means that while you’re trying to stay on top of everything else, staying on top of your health is super easy.

Again, it connects right up to your phone (which we’ve already established is practically surgically attached to your hand), and allows you to monitor your progress not only in terms of exercise, but also in general health and life.

You can use it to measure your workouts (time, distance, calories burned and all), your sleep (duration, mostly) and your heart rate. And while for some people this may not be necessary, for others it can make a really big difference.

If someone has an illness that needs monitoring, a smart watch can also allow you to keep track of your health data, and alert you of when to seek assistance.

So all in all, your devices have a lot of capacity to keep your gremlin existence more on the human side. Use them to help minimise burn-out, to make yourself laugh, to keep healthy, and keep your team on the same page. You can even start a free trial of now to get a head start.

Oh, and you can use them all to play games, too.