Gmail Is Finally Getting Dark Mode On Android And iOS

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Earlier this year Google announced that a system-wide dark theme would be arriving for Android 10 and Pie.

Some apps have already began receiving the feature - including Google Pay, Google Fit and Files by Google.

Now it looks like your inbox will be getting the dark treatment.

Google Pay Is Becoming As Dark As Your Money-Loving Heart

Several months back it was announced that the latest version of Android would be getting a system-wide dark mode. And for those of us who relish an online world of muted colours, there was much rejoicing.

It's set to drop any day now with the official release of the now-dubbed Android 10, and another app has been added to the lineup.

Google Pay is going dark and us light-shunning gremlins are here for it.

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Google has officially announced its dark theme is coming to Android and iOS. It will begin rolling out from today and will continue to do so over the next fifteen days.

It's worth noting that Google has stated that it could potentially take longer than fifteen days for some feature visibility.

This is how you can enable it, according to Google.

Android 10

  • In your Android Display system setting, set your device to Dark theme—Gmail will automatically respect the system default setting.
  • On Pixel, when Battery Saver is enabled, Gmail will default to Dark theme automatically.
  • Or, in Gmail go to Settings > Theme and select “Dark".


For iOS 11 or 12, enable Dark theme by going to Settings > Dark Theme.

For iOS 13:

  • Set your device to dark theme in iOS Settings, and Gmail, by default, will automatically respect the system default setting.
  • Or, in Gmail go to Settings > Theme and select “Dark”.

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