Here Are The Best iPhone 11, Pro And Pro Max Deals In Australia

Here Are The Best iPhone 11, Pro And Pro Max Deals In Australia
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The iPhone 11 family is here, repping bigger batteries, more cameras, and far too many plan options.

If you want to get your iPhone 11 through a telco, the decision isn’t exactly easy. There are three models, each available in three different storage variants. That’s nine different phones, with at least 15 different plan options across Telstra, Optus, and Vodafone. It can be a little overwhelming.

To help, we’ve picked our favourite plan from each provider for each new iPhone.

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The best iPhone 11 plans

If you’re after an iPhone 11 on a plan, going for the 128GB model is a no-brainer. When compared to the 64GB model, you’ll only pay around $3 more per month (equivalent to $72 over two years). There’s really no reason not to.

Vodafone is a great choice here: you can get the 128GB iPhone 11 with 30GB for $98.29 per month.

If you’d prefer the Telstra network, we’d say the $103 per month plan with 15GB of data is your best option.

And if you need more data, you might want to consider Optus’ 60GB plan for $109 per month. This plan also includes a six-month free trial to Apple Music.

The best iPhone 11 Pro plans

Want to go Pro? That costs extra. If you don’t want to break the bank, a 64GB iPhone 11 Pro is probably your best choice, as anachronistic as that little storage may seem.

Telstra is a good choice if you don’t need an extreme amount of data. You can get a 64GB iPhone 11 Pro and 15GB of data for $122.87 per month.

More demanding data needs? Check out this Optus plan with 60GB for $127 per month.

And if you’re insistent on a 256GB model, Vodafone is a solid choice. $128.28 per month gets you an iPhone 11 Pro with more storage on a 30GB plan.

The best iPhone 11 Pro Max plans

If you’re after the iPhone 11 Pro Max on a plan, you’ll be stung with a hefty monthly bill. As the most expensive iPhone to date, there’s no way around it. Some plans are more reasonable than others, however.

Optus has the 64GB Pro Max available for $133 per month with 60GB. Once again, you’ll get a six-month Apple Music trial with this plan, which might help stem some of the bleeding.

For just a little extra, you can get a 256GB iPhone 11 Pro Max on Vodafone, albeit with less data. $134.54 per month gets you the phone on a 30GB plan. But hey, if you’re going to get a phone with a name as questionable as “Pro Max”, you may as well make sure it has a “Pro Max” amount of storage.

And if you’d prefer Telstra coverage, we’d recommend the 256GB iPhone 11 Pro Max plan with 15GB for $139 per month. If 15GB doesn’t end up being enough data, the contract-free nature of Telstra’s current plan range means you always can always step up to a larger tier.

Alex Choros is Managing Editor at WhistleOut, Australia’s phone and internet comparison website.