Hats Off To This Horrible Datsun

Hats Off To This Horrible Datsun
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You’re a 1972 Datsun 240Z. You don’t have all your paint. You don’t have an un-cracked piece of your interior. But you run, day in day out, and you’re a champion in my book.

Please enjoy this horrible, wonderful Z, the kind of car we will all miss in a few years or decades when the last of these cars are either rusted away or crashed.

I mean, all the ones not over-restored to oblivion.

Look now at this listing, describing a laser focus on… anything other than making it look like a show car. This thing is meant to run:

Testing the waters with my 1972 Datsun 240z. I dont want to sell it, but I don’t really have the time for it either. THIS IS MY DAILY DRIVER! Yes, she runs. This patina beauty has it where it counts.

Solid body with just a little rust around rear fenders (have one replacement). Stock L24 runs great with upgraded ignition system (Pertronix, MSD 6AL, MSD coil, NGK plugs) and twin SU carbs from ZTherapy (THE premier SU carb builders). Also has an upgraded 280z 5-speed trans installed, Energy suspension bushings, and aftermarket rear sway bar.

I do have the stock 4-speed trans also that comes with it. Interior is pretty stipped out, no carpets, no headliner, decent door panels. Good glass, rear hatch is a rare early peice with vertical defrost lines. Have lots of parts that go with it.

Runs good, but could still use some fine tuning. Drove to Idaho and back. Ran like a top, averaged 26-27mph @ 145km/h. Open to trades for INTERESTING cars or trucks of similar value.

The car is listed at $US8,000 ($11,909), which is a lot of money in 2019, but will seem like pennies in 2029 when you can’t get a genuine 240Z for less than 15,000 spacebux.