Disney Is Developing A New Live-Action Movie Called Knights

Disney Is Developing A New Live-Action Movie Called Knights
A still from Disney’s <em>A Kid In King Arthur’</em><em>s Court,</em> starring (checks notes) Kate Winslet and Daniel Craig. (Photo: Disney)

It may feel like Disney only releases sequels, remakes and big franchise movies these days, but the studio is certainly trying to pepper in original material. Case in point, a new, live-action adventure film from writer Matt Orton.

According to Deadline, the film is called Knights and it “will follow a headstrong young woman who joins a knight on his quest to destroy a world-threatening artefact before it falls into the wrong hands.” The project is in early development but Orton is writing the script and it’s expected to be released theatrically, not on Disney+.

That last bit is intriguing. With Disney’s theatrical slate so dominated by tentpoles, for a movie that seems so unassuming based on the title and logline, you have to wonder what makes Knights theatre worthy? Maybe its scope? The potential to get big names in the main roles? We don’t know but we’re all for more original family adventures. Without those to start with, Disney wouldn’t have any franchises at all.

As for Orton, he’s best known for writing a film called Operation Finale that starred Oscar Isaac about a group of spies tracking down Nazis. That film was directed by Chris Weitz, who co-wrote Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.