Apple’s Trying To Make ‘Slofie’ A Thing, Internet Says Nope

Apple’s Trying To Make ‘Slofie’ A Thing, Internet Says Nope
Image: YouTube/Apple

A lot of things were announced by Apple today but one of them really stood out. Apple, in a classic weird uncle move, is trying to convince the youth they need slow-mo selfies, or slofies, in their life. The internet gave it a piece of its mind ” though to be clear, a hands on might change everything.

The iPhone 11 series was unveiled by Apple today and we now have a better idea of what to expect from the upcoming devices. They’ll now come with a new mode for the selfie cam allowing you to slow everything way down. It’s also invented a new word to go with it; the ‘slofie’.

Apple’s site reckons it’ll record in 120 frames per second on it’s 12-megapixel front-facing camera so you can look like a professional model when it all slows down.

“Everything looks cooler at 120 fps, even if you’re just saying ‘cheese’, waving hello or tossing your hair in the breeze. And now you can add more of everything to your selfies thanks to the new 12″‘megapixel TrueDepth camera. Just turn your iPhone to landscape and the camera automatically zooms out to fit more in,” Apple’s site read.

So, for the minimum price of $1199, you too can have a chance to capture your face in slow-mo. RIP to all the parents out there having to listen to deny their children’s well-worded arguments for an expensive birthday present.

The internet’s reaction was understandably savage.

Let’s hope 2019 doesn’t turn into the Year of the Slofie. We’ve had a tough one already.

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