iPhone 11 Will Have Pet Portraits To Pretty Up Your Pooches

iPhone 11 Will Have Pet Portraits To Pretty Up Your Pooches
Image: Apple

Taking photos of your pets usually sucks given their penchant for moving as much as they damn well please. While no amount of technological advancement will ever fix that, Apple is introducing a Portrait mode on the iPhone 11 series to make your pets look dapper as hell when they eventually do stay still for more than a second.

The iPhone 11 comes with a dual-lens camera featuring Ultra Wide and Wide cameras. The two lenses apparently work together on Portrait mode, allowing you to snap respectable images of people, objects and now, your pets.

Once a portrait is captured, you’ll also be able to adjust it with Portrait Lighting, which allows you to fine-tune light intensity. Applying the High-Key Mono effect will give your fluffy pals monochromatic look for peak Instagram aesthetics.

Previously, portrait mode did a pretty average mode of recognising non-human faces so it’s an admirable feat it will now be able to identify snouts, boop zones and, presumably, beaks too. Some Twitter users mentioned they were already able to snap stunning portraits of their pooches and kitties but the dual-lens makes it an easier feat to achieve.

Given the steep price of the phone, however, it’s still a hard sell given phones with similar features and specs. If it’s still got you on the hook, the iPhone 11 is available from September 20 and will retail from $1199.

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