Android 10 Has Officially Arrived To Upgrade Your Life

Android 10 Has Officially Arrived To Upgrade Your Life
Image: Google

Google has announced Android 10 is rolling out to Pixel phones from September 4 with other devices due to receive the update by the end of the year. The update is one of Google’s most anticipated yet so here’s what Pixel owners can expect from the update.

With Android 10 comes some handy new features, better security protection and streamlined options to go off grid when you’re facing a technology overload. Google outlined some of the update’s best features in a handy blog post.

For starters, we’ll finally be able to experience the Dark Mode we’ve all been obsessing over. Android 10 allows you to choose between setting the whole phone in Dark Mode or just a few selected apps. Gesture navigation will also be introduced with bottom corner swipes opening Google Assistant and pulling up the home screen.

A Smart Reply feature will also be added, allowing you to quickly open Google Maps or a video on YouTube when someone sends you a text message with certain information.

Google’s also pushing for better personal control over data privacy within apps on your device. It’s introducing the option to share location data with apps only while you’re using them. Android 10’s updated features mean you’ll also be alerted if an app is accessing your location while you’re not using it.

The rollout is expected to begin from September 4 for Pixel owners with the rest of Android users getting the option to upgrade before the end of 2019.