Ace Returns In This Glorious Trailer For Doctor Who’s Next Classic Season Blu-ray Release

Ace Returns In This Glorious Trailer For Doctor Who’s Next Classic Season Blu-ray Release

The fact we’re getting lavish collections of classic Doctor Who seasons on Blu-ray is already a very good thing. But the BBC’s choice to market them with what are essentially little short films catching us up with where heroes of Who’s past are now is perhaps the greatest part of it all.

Previously we’ve seen Jo Grant fight giant maggots and the Sixth Doctor face another Trial of a Timelord, but the latest release in Doctor Who: The Collection — the 26th and final season of the classic show — has now brought back Sophie Aldred as Ace for a wonderful little trailer.

Set in a modern day where Ace runs, well, ACE — A Charitable Earth, a noble endeavour no doubt inspired by her time with the Doctor, even though he was admittedly a bit of a jerk to her — the teaser sees Ace reminisce about her adventures, from the friends she made to the horrors she witnessed.

That is, before a familiar question-mark-shaped umbrella comes knocking on her door, and she dons her old patch-covered jacket for one more trip in the TARDIS. It is genuinely lovely, and in a matter of minutes, has you longing for Aldred to actually show up in the new show. She and Jodie Whittaker would be great together.

But in the end, it’s to advertise the release of season 26 on Blu-ray, which, while no “Ace is Back in New Doctor Who,” is still a pretty lovely thing to behold. As well as containing the four serials that made up what was, until 2005, the final season of Doctor Who — “Battlefield,” “Ghost Light,” “The Curse of Fenric,” and “Survival” — the collection includes new bonus features, like documentaries and new commentaries with the cast and crew, as well as archival footage like extended cuts. And that’s before you get to all the old special features already included on these stories’ previous releases on DVD! It’s a lot, so having Aldred film new material as Ace on top of that is just a rather perfect bow on what’s already a delightful treat for fans.

Doctor Who: The Collection — Season 26 is set to release in the UK on December 24, and in Australia at a later date, presumably.