This Month In Dash Cams: Mobility Scooter Fangs It On The Highway

Every month Dash Cam Owners Australia reminds us that us Aussies are absolutely bat shit on our roads. And this month is no exception.

This time around you can expect a ute driving down the road wrong side of an on ramp... in front of a cop, a convoy nearly running someone off the road and some fully sick drift action.

Not to mention a true Aussie hero who has zero qualms about taking their mobility scooter out for a spin on a main road.

This Month In Dash Cams: A Bunch Of Bogans Swearing Loudly

There's no shortage of angry swearing in any given Dash Cam Owners Australia video. But this month's offering strikes us as particularly colourful and bogany.

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You'll also find the same level of creative swearing that fans of the series will be accustomed to by now. Bless.

You can watch more videos over at the Dash Cam Owners Australia YouTube page.

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