The Week’s Best Toys Are All Garishly Coloured

The Week’s Best Toys Are All Garishly Coloured

Welcome back to Toy Aisle, our regular round up of the coolest bits of plastic tempting our wallets lately. This week: He-Man rides into battle for his fancy new action figure line, Pikachu comes for your desk and your teeth, and the Green Lantern Corps faces its deadliest foe yet. Check it out!

Mattel Masters of the Universe Origins Battle Cat Figure

Remember Mattel’s upcoming Masters of the Universe Origins line that was revealed at San Diego Comic-Con last month? One character that was conspicuously missing — someone key to He-Man’s imposing charge into battle — was Battle Cat, his trusty steed… err, giant cat. During last weekend’s He-Man PowerCon convention the toy maker confirmed that Cringer/Battle Cat is indeed joining the new line, and will be available sometime this spring for $US25 ($37).

Wicked Cool Toys My Partner Pikachu

Imagine the interactiveness of one of those Furby toys, but applied to a character that kids and collectors actually care about. That’s the best way to describe Wicked Cool Toys’ new My Partner Pikachu, which features three touch sensors that allow for over 100 different interactions as the Pokémon responds with light up cheeks and tail, waving arms and ears, as well as sound effects. You won’t win any gym battles with this Pikachu in your camp, but for $33, available now via Amazon Australia, it’s a solid work distraction.

Diamond Select Toys The Rocketeer

Before Iron Man made his big screen debut and inspired a generation of kids to fantasise about flying through the air in a special suit, The Rocketeer sparked imaginations with a rocket strapped to his back, a slick leather jacket, and an art deco helmet that might have inspired Stark’s own designs. This seven-inch figure of the hero from DST is packed full of details and articulation, swappable parts, and a flame and smoke base for display. That’s a lot of attention to detail for around $40.

NYCC Exclusive NECA Green Lantern vs. Sinestro Corps Predator

Last week, NECA revealed its first DC Comics two-pack exclusive for New York Comic-Con. Now it has its second, in the form of this matchup between Hal Jordan and a Sinestro Corps-coloured Predator. Based on a 2008 storyline mashup between DC Comics and Dark Horse, the set includes parts to turn the Green Lantern figure into either Hal Jordan or John Stewart, as well as a variety of fear-and-will-powered Lantern constructs for the Predator and the Green Lanterns to wield into battle. Both NYCC two-packs will be available at the convention individually for $US60 ($89), or at a later date outside of the con together as one $US120 ($178) package. No word on whether they’ll reach Australian shores. [Toyark]

Pokémon Pikachu Electric Toothbrush

The amount of yellow Chinese toothbrush maker Apiyoo has managed to squeeze into this Pikachu-themed electric brush is staggering. It emulates Pikachu’s warm glow right down to its bristles and charging stand. Unlike the Pokémon character, however, you’ll need to recharge this from an outlet after it unleashes a barrage of attacks on gingivitis and tooth decay.