The Doctor And Ace Face Their Deadliest Conflict Yet In Big Finish’s Explosive New Short Story

The Doctor And Ace Face Their Deadliest Conflict Yet In Big Finish’s Explosive New Short Story

Have I mentioned that the conflict is Ace herself?

The Seventh Doctor’s role as a shady manipulator — of humans and aliens alike, and even his own companion, moulding her into a tool for him to use in his myriad schemes — is something that served as a dark thematic undercurrent throughout Sylvester McCoy’s time on Doctor Who. Now, that theme is coming smashing to the foreground for a new short story from Big Finish.

We are excited to reveal the first look and details of one of three new Short Trips audio adventures coming to Big Finish’s Doctor Who range next year. Unlike the company’s typical audio dramas, the Short Trips series don’t feature a full cast of actors, but instead focus on a single performance, more akin to an audiobook.

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Penned by Roland Moore, Dead Woman Walking sees the Seventh Doctor rope Ace into another one of his attempts to meddle in the fates of others — this time, a civil war on an unknown world.

The full cover for Dead Woman Walking. (Image: Big Finish)

But when his meddling goes wrong, Ace is caught in the crossfire, and infected with a ticking, organic timebomb with a dramatic trigger: If she dies, so does the entire planet. Sophie Aldred, who played Ace in the TV series and went on to reprise the role myriad times for Big Finish’s line of Doctor Who audio dramas, will narrate the tale.

“One of the joys of working on the Short Trips range is the chance to work with such fantastic actors from across all of Doctor Who” Alfie Shaw, Big Finish producer, said in a statement provided to us. “There is nothing quite like spending a day in studio with some of your childhood heroes on a show that you love. You really do fall in love with the show all over again!”

“We’ve got some great stories lined up for 2020 — we start with Katy Manning reuniting Jo with the 11th Doctor for a groundhog day style treat, then Frazer Hines will break everyone’s hearts in a love-letter to French Cinema, followed by Sophie captivating you with the tale of a tricky ethical dilemma,” Shaw continued.

“Then Jake will astound you in the world’s most compact multi-Doctor story and finally, I’m very pleased to welcome Mark Reynolds into the Doctor Who family in a space adventure inspired by real-life events. All of that and not even half the year done.”

Doctor Who: Dead Woman Walking, part of the 10th series of Short Trips is set for release in April 2020. Each adventure will set you back $2.99, or the entire 12-story set is available to preorder for $30.