Thanks, Endgame, Now Spider-Man: Far From Home Is Doing Its Own Weird Theatrical Re-Release

Thanks, Endgame, Now Spider-Man: Far From Home Is Doing Its Own Weird Theatrical Re-Release

If Disney can get away with bringing Avengers: Endgame back to theatres with a few things ripped from the eventual Blu-ray release, why not Spidey? Sony has announced it’s re-releasing Spider-Man: Far From Home in theatres with a special “extended cut” that features a whopping… four extra minutes of footage. And we have a good guess what it might be.

As reported by Deadline, Sony is bringing the Tom Holland-starring Far From Home back into theatres for Labour Day weekend in the U.S. and Canada on August 29.

Editor’s Note: So far, there’s no word on an Australian release for these extra four minutes of footage, but given that we did get the Avengers re-release, it’s not out of the realm of possibility. Stay tuned.

The new extended version includes a four-minute scene that was cut from the original film. Sony hasn’t commented on what scene is being added into Far From Home, though Deadline called it “ a never-before-seen action sequence.”

It feels pretty silly to re-release a movie for four extra minutes, but it’s not an unprecedented move. Earlier this year, Avengers: Endgame was re-released in theatres — with even less new footage — to try and bump it past Avatar as the highest-grossing movie of all time.

It succeeded.

Deadline notes that Far From Home is already Sony’s top-grossing film worldwide, just having passed Skyfall.

In a previous interview with Gizmodo, director Jon Watts shared details about an action scene that had been spotted in the trailer but left out of the movie. The trailer clip, which showed Spider-Man joking around with the NYPD, was originally part of a much-larger sequence — one that Watts promised fans would eventually get to see on the home release:

It’s part of a montage where Peter is running a bunch of errands that he has to do before he flies to Europe. And the joke was his errands were he had to buy a dual headphone adaptor… he had to get one of those European travel plugs, he sold some of his action figures so that he would have enough money to [buy MJ a present], pick up his passport, and he had to take down this extremely dangerous crime family. That’s Spider-Man’s to-do list.

Clearly, Sony is banking on cashing in a few more chips before Spidey heads back to Queens. Whether fans will flock back to see four more minutes they could just catch in the home release is another story.