Telsa’s Dog Mode Hasn’t Been A Good Boy

Telsa’s Dog Mode Hasn’t Been A Good Boy
Now EVs even have dog modes.

Back In February Tesla introduced a Dog Mode to help owners safely leave their dogs in the car through temperature regulation and monitoring.

While it was generally welcomed by Tesla-driving owners who also had furry friends, it turns out that Dog Mode was the one not being a good boy.

Tesla Adds Dog Mode For Extremely Good Bois

Seeing dogs left in cars, especially on hot summer days, is upsetting. The same goes for children. Regardless of the reasoning, it happens. So Tesla has come up with a way to protect all good doggos.

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This week a customer tweeted at Elon Musk after he experienced a huge bug in the system.

After leaving their dog in the car with the mode activated, they later noticed on the Tesla app that the temperature had climbed to nearly 30 degrees Celsius.

The glitch occurred because the customer had manually set the fan after activating Dog Mode. This resulted in both Dog Mode and the regulating AC to switch off.

The bug is apparently being addressed, with Musk responding to the original tweet:

Tesla’s Dog Mode also features a message on the car’s huge dashboard screen letting passers-by know your dogs are being monitored and not left to suffer in a steaming pile of metal.

The system also warns you via an app notification when your car battery hits 20 per cent so you have enough time to return to your doggo.

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