Deals: $360 Off Samsung Galaxy S10 5G

Deals: $360 Off Samsung Galaxy S10 5G
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This week we wrote a review of Samsung’s 5G Galaxy S10.

While we questioned whether its worth dropping an extra $500 for 5G (and some other extra features), we know some of you are mad keen on the device.

And now you can at least get one a little cheaper.

Samsung's S10 5G Isn't Worth The Extra Cash

We've had to wait a little while for Samsung's first 5G phone, but it's now here. It has similar specs to the S10+, albeit with a bigger battery and improved camera setup. But the main focus has been on its ability to access a faster network. But considering the state of 5G right now, and that's when you can actually find it - the Galaxy S10 5G just isn't worth the mark up.

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Telstra is currently offering $15 off handset repayments per month on Samsung Galaxy S10 5G plans. That comes to a total of $360 saved across the 24-month repayment period, bringing the 256GB model down to $1,656 and the 512GB down to $2,232.

You can check them out right here:

256GB S10 5G

512GB S10 5G

Thus offer runs until September 23.