Samsung Birthed A Bloody Huge Phone Battery

Samsung Birthed A Bloody Huge Phone Battery

Image: Galaxy Club

You didn’t think the Samsung leaks were over, did you?

A photo has started circulating online that shows an alleged Samsung phone battery with a honking 5,850mAH.

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According to Dutch site Galaxy Club, the image was taken in Samsung’s South Korean testing lab.

But before you get too excited, we’re never going to see it here.

This chonky lad is reportedly destined for the Samsung Galaxy M20S, the latest in Samsung’s budget M20 series that is made for the Indian market.

While the M20S is yet to be announced, it is apparently being expected to launch in September.

It might not be as big and beautiful as our beloved 18,000mAH Energizer phone, but 5,850mAH is still damn impressive.

Comparatively, the Samsung S10 5G has a 4,500mAH battery.

Fingers crossed that we’ll get some of these beasts in the near future.

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