Samsung Is Bringing Back Its Active Smartphone Alongside The Note 10

Image: Android Headlines

A leaked picture of Samsung's next Active smartphone is doing the rounds, because why bother keeping anything that could be unveiled at Unpacked a secret anymore?

Android Headlines reports that the image is an official one from U.S. mobile network AT&T, and is less focused on screen size with it's outdoorsy aesthetic. It even has honest-to-goodness buttons, for Christ's sake.

Samsung usually rolls out an Active variant of its S series, but we haven't seen one for a while, and rather than being an S10 Active - Samsung's most recent iteration in the series - this handset is apparently based on the S9, which is surprising.

Unpacked is set for August 8, but the date on the display is August 9, which may indicate that the smartphone will make its debut after the event, or it could mean absolutely nothing.

Meanwhile, we're all just waiting for Unpacked to roll around next week so we can finally put all of these Note 10 rumours to bed. The latest whispers include the absence of a headphone jack and a spiffy pink colourway.

This post originally appeared on Gizmodo UK, which is gobbling up the news in a different timezone.

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