Report: Steve Agee Is The Suicide Squad’s King Shark

Report: Steve Agee Is The Suicide Squad’s King Shark

The Suicide Squad has found its King Shark. Let all the criminals in the sea and on the surface rejoice.

As reported by Deadline, comedian Steve Agee, a film and TV polyglot, and prior James Gunn collaborator (he played Gef in Guardians 2), is joining The Suicide Squad as the long-rumoured sharkly addition to the cast, rounding out a starring stable that inclues Margot Robbie, Viola Davis, and Idris Elba.

With, of course, James Gunn directing. According to the report, Agee will be providing the voice for King Shark, with no yet word on a mocap performance or anything of that nature.

King Shark, in case you don’t know, is a character created by Karl Kessel for his run on Superboy, and is, as his name might imply, a humanoid Shark. Real name Nanaue, he’s the son of the Shark God, and a dangerous warrior and killer, which makes him a legitimate threat despite the fact that he looks like a member of the Street Sharks.

Deadline also reports that the first table read of the script for The Suicide Squad is scheduled for next month, with production set to start on September 23.