Pauline Hanson Booted From Twitter For *Checks Notes* Saying Cattle Prods Should Be Used On Protesters

Pauline Hanson Booted From Twitter For *Checks Notes* Saying Cattle Prods Should Be Used On Protesters
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Pauline Hanson has been suspended from Twitter after suggesting that cattle prods be used on peaceful protesters. ‘Straya.

The tweet in question links to a video titled ‘Pauline’s Plan to Punish Protester Pests’, which is where the Senator made the comments.

Twitter has claimed that the tweet violates its terms and services in regards to abuse and harassment. Senator Hanson has already appealed this decision.

The video is still live over on Facebook and depicts Hanson literally holding a cattle prod while talking about people protesting climate change and Adani.

“When the farmers have trouble getting the cattle up off the floor of the trucks, or in the cattle yards, they just touch them with this and they’ll soon move; it doesn’t matter how big the beast are, they will move with this,” Hanson says.

“Well, recently, we’ve had all the protesters in Brisbane, lying on the streets, gluing themselves. And what about the protesters now? They want to go to the airports, stop the traffic at the airports.”

“How about you? How about if you need to get through the traffic, maybe take a loved one to hospital, or desperately need to get to your job, or something’s happening, and the protesters are there? You know what I reckon the solution. Let’s use one of these on them. I think they’ll soon move.”

In a press release regarding the suspension Hanson has stated that it is due to the left trying to silence her, not because she suggested using electric prods on humans lawfully protesting.

“The One Nation Senator has appealed the suspension, describing it as part of the ongoing efforts of the left to stop freedom of speech and silence anyone with whom they don’t agree.”

According to the same release, Hanson is also doubling down on her violent comments.

“In her Twitter suspension appeal, Senator Hanson said tasers and cattle prods were low voltage and non-lethal and only suggested their use on people who block traffic or airports.”

Cool and normal.