Thank The Internet Gods, Optus 5G Broadband Is Now Available

Thank The Internet Gods, Optus 5G Broadband Is Now Available
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If you’re finally at your wit’s end with the NBN (join the club) Optus is now offering pre-orders for 5G home broadband. This comes just a few weeks after it confirmed its first available 5G phone.

But it’s not available for everyone, only users in “limited areas of selected suburbs on the Optus 5G Network.” Still, we are thankful 5G is finally getting somewhere.

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Australia’s telcos have been discussing 5G broadband for a while but Optus is finally allowing eligible users to sign up for its 5G home broadband service for $70 per month. You’ll have the option between signing up for the service month-to-month with a $200 installation fee or waiving that initial cost with a 24-month contract.

The overall cost of the 24-month plan totals up to $1680 but Optus is offering the first month free. If you find it’s not for you, there’s a maximum cancellation fee of $450. However, if you can prove to Optus you’re not actually hitting the promised minimum speed of 50Mbps, you might be eligible to cancel for free. You’ll just have to return the modem within 30 days or face a $330 ‘no-return’ fee.

Here’s how it compares to similar NBN plans in market:

Of course, before you can do any of that, you’ll have to see if you’re eligible. Select suburbs are within the Optus 5G network and in some cases, an entire suburb might actually be included. To check, you can pop your address in at Optus to see if the 5G network can release you from NBN hell.

A Nokia modem, FastMile 5G Gateway, is included in Optus’ 5G modem, which you can let a professional install free-of-charge for a limited time. If you miss that window, Optus’ installation instructions make it appear extremely simple so you might not actually need a professional to come around and plug it in.

It has 4G backup in case the infant 5G network fails you. It’s on the large side compared to regular broadband modems, weighing in at 2.2 kilograms and standing tall at 24 centimetres in height.

As Whistleout pointed out, if you’re one of the lucky ones and within the network, you might not be able to use the 5G broadband service if you later decide to change addresses. Optus states “before relocating to a new address, you must contact us to perform a serviceability check to determine if the 5G Home Broadband service is available at your new address.”

Still, I’m ready to upgrade from the internet cesspool successive governments have left me to digitally rot in.

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