No, McDonald’s Cannot Build Next To An Ancient Roman Site

No, McDonald’s Cannot Build Next To An Ancient Roman Site
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No matter where you go in the world, there’s likely a McDonald’s nearby. But while it seems its greasy hegemony over the fast food industry is endless, there’s one place it will likely never build a store following a recent decision.

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Maccas was planning on sticking one of its golden arches next to a nearly 2000-year-old Ancient Roman site in the Italian capital, according to Reuters. The site, the Baths of Caracella, was built around 212 AD and is a popular tourist attraction so it made sense for the global franchise to stick their 41st Roman store there.

But Italian Culture Minister Alberto Bonisoli declared this week on Facebook it would not be so. Rome’s mayor Virginia Raggi took to Twitter to celebrate the news.

“The wonders of Rome must be protected,” Mayor Raggi said in a tweet.

McDonald’s has around 40,000 restaurants across 90 countries globally. In Italy, there are 578 outlets, the fourth largest amount in Europe (behind Germany, France and Britain), with 40 of them in its capital, Rome. If you’re somehow not enjoying the local smorgasbord of rich pastas and pizza in the ancient capital, you’ll never be far from indulging in a cheeky double cheeseburger.

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