McDonald’s Admits Its ‘Recyclable’ Paper Straws Aren’t Actually Recyclable

McDonald’s Admits Its ‘Recyclable’ Paper Straws Aren’t Actually Recyclable

McDonald’s has been accused of scamming the UK and Ireland with its environmentally friendly new paper straws, as it’s emerged that the controversial new straws, which were introduced into restaurants last spring, can’t be recycled and staff have been told to put them directly into the bins. Whereas the old plastic drinks tubes could be recycled and may therefore have been better the for environment all along. What a chewed-up cardboard mess it has made of the whole situation.

This comes from an internal McDonald’s memo seen by The Sun, which told staff: “Paper straws are not yet recyclable and should be disposed of in general waste until further notice.”

The rumbled burger chain issued a further statement confirming the fact, explaining: “We strengthened our paper straws so, while the materials are recyclable, their thickness makes it difficult for them to be processed by our waste solution providers. We’re working with them to find a solution so putting paper straws in general waste is therefore temporary.”

Can’t people drink out of cups like grown-ups and end this nonsense once and for all? Or how about 10c off a milkshake if you bring your own straw? Make the recipe thicker and give everyone spoons? Hollow chips you suck the drink through then eat? [Telegraph]

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