Look, No One Is As Confused About The Spider-Man Mess As Jeff Goldblum

Look, No One Is As Confused About The Spider-Man Mess As Jeff Goldblum

Listen, keeping up with the disputes of major media corporations is tricky. There’s a lot involved — character rights, media laws, the vast financial and sociopolitical resources of massive organisations spanning the globe. Hearing about all this Spider-Man stuff going down, you might be confused.

But don’t worry. You’re not as confused as Jeff Goldblum. No one is.

In what might be the most beautiful bit of interviewing I’ve seen in ages, a reporter from Variety asks Jeff Goldblum what he thought about the dispute between Sony and Disney with regards to Spider-Man.

This is a normal sort of question to ask at the D23 Expo, where most attendees probably know about these things. But this is not a normal question to ask Jeff Goldblum, who, despite having an upcoming show on Disney+, is generally so far away from normal everyday concerns as to be from an entirely different plane of existence.

Watch how Goldblum responds:

In this clip, I think Goldblum runs the entire spectrum of human emotion. He’s bemused, he’s confused, he’s angry. He grieves. At the end of this clip, I don’t think Goldblum truly understands what’s happening, nor do I think we fully understand what’s going on with Goldblum. But we all, I think, understand a bit more about what it means to be human. And isn’t that what matters most?