Watch Samsung’s Note 10 Launch Right Here

Watch Samsung’s Note 10 Launch Right Here
Image: Samsung

It’s Samsung launch season and we’re all interested to hear what plans it has in store for the Galaxy Note 10.

Thankfully for us who didn’t score an invite to the unveiling on August 8 (AEST), we can watch it all unfold right here.

Samsung will be live streaming the entire announcement, which kicks off Thursday, August 8 at 6am AEST, on the website here.

You’ll also be able to watch it on the Samsung Twitter Event Page.

Or, you can join us right here:

The phone is probably one of the most leaked units next to the upcoming Google Pixel but for good reason. The bezel-less design and powerful processing unit (Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855 processor overseas, Samsung’s Exynos chip in Australia) have got Samsung fans excited and while there’s still no word on how many megapixels the new camera will have, it’s expected to deliver some serious competition to the higher end models in market now.

See what rumours become a reality and what the new models will feature by streaming the event on on August 8.

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