Google Pay Is Becoming As Dark As Your Money-Loving Heart

Google Pay Is Becoming As Dark As Your Money-Loving Heart

Several months back it was announced that the latest version of Android would be getting a system-wide dark mode. And for those of us who relish an online world of muted colours, there was much rejoicing.

It’s set to drop any day now with the official release of the now-dubbed Android 10, and another app has been added to the lineup.

Google Pay is going dark and us light-shunning gremlins are here for it.

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You won’t be able to toggle dark mode for Google Pay alone. Being a system-wide mode, it needs to be enabled across the board to work. This also means that it will be implemented across your other Google apps that are compatible with Android’s dark mode functionality.

According to Android Police you can either switch to dark mode in your system settings, or by enabling the battery saver.

Some samples courtesy of Android Police

Files by Google and Google Fit have also recently been embraced by blessed darkness, with the likes of Google Keep being soon to follow.

It’s worth noting that like many dark modes, the colour palette isn’t actually as black as our souls, but rather shades of dark blue and grey.

Google’s Dark Mode features will be available on Both Android 10 and Android Pie.

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