Google Chrome Might Block Notification Requests In The Future

Google Chrome Might Block Notification Requests In The Future
Image: Google

If you’ve ever been to a news site and had a pesky notification ask your permission to send you push notifications, Google may soon have a fix.

Google is looking to introduce a permanent way to mute website notifications, pointed out by XDA Developers.

The feature, spotted in Chromium flags, seems to allow users “quieter” notifications, giving the option of five levels of intrusiveness. While you can opt to disable them all forever you might also be able to enable just heads-up notifications or mini-infobars.

Image: Screenshot via XDA Developers

It’s not yet available in Google Canary (Chrome’s rudimentary, experimental sibling) but it signals Google is likely working on the feature to include in future Chrome updates.

Of course, instead of waiting for the feature to be introduced, you can also do it manually. Head to Settings>Advanced and under the “Privacy and security” tab, click Site settings>Notifications.

Voila, it’s oh so quiet.

Of course, you don’t need to worry about muting the Gizmodo notifications, which you desperately need in your life for the latest tech news. Right? Right.

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[Via XDA Developers]