Father’s Day Gifts For Your Sports Dad

Father’s Day Gifts For Your Sports Dad
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Sports dads love sports, a shocker, we know. But at least that means buying gifts isn’t too difficult. It’s really about figuring which ones he enjoys watching (or playing) the most and tailoring gifts to suit that.

To help you find a useful gift for your sports dad, especially if you’re feeling a bit out of your depth, here are few ideas.

Apple Watch Series 4

Image: Amazon

If your sports dad is the type that wants a sporty watch with all the bells and whistles, you can’t look past the Apple Watch. It’s got a huge library of activity tracking (including hiking and yoga), heart monitoring, personalised coaching and emergency SOS calls.

Dad can also get texts and phone calls through, and even pay for his post workout breakfast with it through Apple Pay.

The analytics on this thing are next level, and perfect for dads who are serious about their health.

And it tells the time.

Other honorable mentions go to the Garmin vivoactive 3 and the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active.


Casio Men’s G5600E-1 G-Shock Watch

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If your dad is more of a technophobe and wants a more simple, “good old days” watch that’s even suitable even for scuba diving activities? We’ve got you. The G5600E-1 G-Shock is retro but with updated features such as being water-resistant up to 200 metres and weighing in around 200 grams.

It doesn’t have any fandangle tech features, just a simple digital face and resin strap. It’s for the sporty dad who doesn’t want his watch to call family, shame his heart rate or tell him the weather.


ASICS GT-1000 7 Men’s Running

Image: Amazon

Let’s assume your sports dad also enjoy playing sports, why not get him a pair of shoes comfortable sneakers to help him complete the ultimate sports dad look. The ASICS GT-1000 7 is a good all-rounder sneaker, which while not peak fashion, will give your dad a comfortable step without totally breaking your bank.

The shoes come with something called FlyteFoam, designed to cushion your dad’s foot while he runs or stomps around.


Adidas Unisex Real Madrid Scarf

Image: Amazon

There’s a good chance your sports dad will, on occasion, a sporting match to watch his favourite team. This is where your gift idea comes in. Don’t let him impulse buy a dumb, overpriced piece of sports merchandise, do it for him instead (hopefully, at a lower price). This Real Madrid scarf is subtle so you’re not totally embarrassed and will keep him warm during the cooler nights.

Not a Real Madrid fan? Just swap it out for the team he follows.

VENZO 4 Bicycle Bike Rack

Image: Catch

Cycling is really fun but if you don’t own a car bike rake, it’s a pain to transport bikes anywhere further than a few kilometres. A bike rack, like this Venzo one, will allow him to bring his bike (and anyone else’s) on camping trips or fun tracks a little further out than usual.


Lifeline Power Wheel

Image: Amazon

Maybe your sports dad hasn’t exactly played sports in a few years and he’s looking to get a bit more in shape. It’s hard to get the ball rolling if you’ve been out of the game for a while so help him start with a small work-out contraption like the Lifeline Power Wheel.

It’s versatile so he can try it out in the living room when no one’s around and if used, it’ll be a good starter.

It’s subtle without actuallu saying “Get fit, dad!”


Kayo Sports subscription

Image: Kayo

I’m gonna take a stab in the dark here and assume sports dad loves watching sports, in which case, consider signing him up to Kayo Sports. It’s got 50 sports from obvious Australian faves like AFL and cricket to the US-based ones like the NBA, ice hockey. It even has darts and esports so its coverage is vast (sorry, mum).

While you’ll only be able to buy a gift voucher in stores (Australia Post, Big W, Target, Woolworths and selected Coles stores), you can always sign up for an account and pay for a month or two then if dad wants to keep using it, defer the costs to him.

Subscribe for dad here.

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