A Father’s Day Gift Guide For Outdoor Dads Because How’s The Serenity

A Father’s Day Gift Guide For Outdoor Dads Because How’s The Serenity
So much serenity. Image: Getty Images

Outdoors dads can be hard to buy for if you’re not an nature-person too. What the hell are you supposed to get them?

Thankfully, stereotypes tend to run true and the outdoors dad tends to enjoy camping or going bush, fishing and just general adventure activities.

To help find the right gift for him, rather than a ‘World’s Best Farter’ mug, here’s some ideas.

Kathmandu Arbury Jacket

Image: Amazon

Every outdoors dad needs to wear outdoors clothes (hopefully) so adding a few more additions to your dad’s probably hole-ridden flannelette collection is a good gift option.

This Kathmandu fleece is great to pop over a base layer for chilly days and under a chunkier jacket for overnight outdoors adventures.

The Arbury comes in green or black and is resistant to wind and repels water (but don’t treat it like a wetsuit) and has some nifty pockets for torches, pocket knives and whatever else your outdoorsy dad tends to carry around.


Naturehike Cloud-Up Tent

Image: Amazon

An outdoors dad tends to also be a camping dad and while your paps might already have a tent at his disposal, it might not be a compact and it’s probably not new.

To one-up your siblings or your mum, gift a new tent, like Naturehike’s Cloud-Up tent, for Father’s Day. This one’s for two people so your mum or the family dog can join him and most importantly, it’s water and windproof.

All the reviews are honing in on the fact it’s super easy to set up, meaning your dad won’t lose any more hairs over that stressful ordeal.


Trekology Ultralight Inflating Camping Pillow

Image: Amazon

While we tend to stereotype outdoors dads as burly types who enjoy sleeping in the mud or whatever, it’s likely they too enjoy creature comforts.

This is why we recommend an inflatable camping pillow so he doesn’t have to scrounge up some leafs in a burlap sack.

This one comes in a range of colours and is easy to inflate and compact enough to store away. Reviews are suggesting to grab two or put a jumper underneath the pillow to give it a bit more height.


North Face Men’s Hedghog Hiking Boots

Image: Amazon

Walking, hiking and maybe even running are things your dad likely does when he’s out there in the world living his best outdoorsy life.

If he’s picked himself up some el cheapo boots from the local department store, give him the gift of non-blistered life by grabbing a pair of quality North Face hiking boots.

The Hedghog offers waterproof protection but is still breathable, and has a steel-toe cap in case he kicks a rock really hard while traversing the world. It’s also equipped to handle some pretty cold weather so, paired with the waterproof protection, you can rest easy knowing your dad won’t get frostbite.


Caribee Pocket Utensil Tool

Image: Catch

Usually, the simpler the item, easier it is to forget so if you can some essentials in the one place, it’s going to make packing less overwhelming. Great tools like this 4-in-1 pocket tool on Catch allowing you to eat, cut and open bottles all in the one spot.

And, it’s in camo so you know it means business.


Coleman Hyperflame Fyreknight Camping Stove

Image: Amazon

Eating is pretty necessary for camping dads and nobody likes sad noodles after a long hard day in the bush.

This camping stove has two burners so he’ll be able to sizzle a strip of bacon while grilling up some veggies on the side. It weighs in around three kilograms so it won’t weigh down the camping kit too much either.


Adrenaline Gift Card

Image: Adrenaline

When you really have no idea what to get dad, opt for a gift card so he can choose what he’d like to do with.

Adrenaline offers great activities like quad biking adventures, horse riding trails, rock climbing and even mountain biking.

It’s the best option for dads who like a bit of flexibility.

$50 or however much you decide