Everything We Just Learned About Avengers Campus, Disney’s New Marvel Land

Everything We Just Learned About Avengers Campus, Disney’s New Marvel Land

First, Cars got a land. Then Avatar got a planet. Pixar got a pier, Star Wars got a world and now, it’s Marvel’s turn.

For years we’ve known Disney was planning on adding a Marvel section to their Disney California Adventure theme park and, overnight at the D23 Expo, we finally learned more about it.

It’s called “Avengers Campus”. And it’s only the beginning.

The idea behind Avengers Campus is that the Avengers have set up places all over the world to recruit special people to join their ranks. Special people like… everyone who visits a Disney park. The theming will tie together other Disney theme parks all over the world that already have Marvel rides such as Paris and Hong Kong. Here’s a world map to explain.

There are a ton of cool Easter eggs in that map. Such as the Xandarian Outpost in Orlando (that’s the Guardians of the Galaxy coaster coming to Epcot) and the “new construction” on Avengers Headquarters, presumably after the events of Endgame.

One of the question marks, though, is the WEB Workshop. What’s that? Well, we think (though it was not confirmed, the big reveal is being held for the theme park panel in a couple of days) that it ties into the main Spider-Man themed ride at Avengers Campus California, which you see in the concept art in the far left side.

The rumours are the ride will be some kind of interactive shooting game, and the images around the theme park’s pavilion at the convention offer more hints.

There’s some kind of open house teased outside the ride and Spider-Man is flying in.

Here’s a note from Peter Parker explaining the initiative, which is the “Worldwide Engineering Brigade”.

Here’s an ad for the place.

This is a Spider-Bot. It’s a kind of drone that plays some part in the ride.

Here’s the card next to it.

There’s also some kind of Pym Tech space at Avengers Campus. Here’s a note Hope Van Dyne wrote about it.

And maybe Pym and Spider-Man have some connection? It looks as though Spider-Bot has something to do with Pym?

Again, most of the specifics of how all this will all fit in will be revealed at the theme park panel. But we do know how, in story, the Avengers travel from campus to campus.

That’s a model of a brand new Quinjet that’s special to Avengers Campus. You can see it in the concept art too. We assume there will be a huge replica built there, like the Millennium Falcon in Galaxy’s Edge.

All of this expands on the first Marvel ride that went into California Adventure, Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout, which occupies its own unique multiverse of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

And the Collector, who runs that establishment, has a letter explaining how he fits into this whole thing.

So yeah. Disney has big plans for Marvel in their theme parks, not just in California but all over the world. It’s almost like… a Global Avengers Initiative.

Avengers Campus opens in California in 2020. We’ll have much more next week after the parks panel.