Easily Install This Laser Tripwire To Automatically Hide Work Distractions When Your Boss Walks By

There are a lot of free apps and widgets for Windows and macOS that can quickly hide a work distraction (such as YouTube or Facebook) from your boss or co-workers, but they assume you’re always paying close attention to who’s walking by your desk. The Daytripper does that all for you, using a laser tripwire that automatically hides contraband apps or websites whenever it’s triggered.

There are two simple components to the Daytripper: The transmitter which uses the STMicroelectronics VL53L0X laser time of flight sensor to detect movement, and the receiver which plugs into a computer’s USB port and automatically triggers a keyboard shortcut (such as minimise all open windows) or any other custom script when triggered by a wireless signal from the transmitter.

It isn’t a completely foolproof system. The time of flight sensor only has a range of about 1.2m, so while it will easily span a door frame, it might have trouble in larger spaces such as a large hallway, so you’ll want to make sure to position it strategically.

It’s also limited to a five Hz scan rate which could possibly allow someone to slip past your defences if they’re moving fast enough.

Those caveats aside, for $88.15 (or add $8.80 more if you want to skip the soldering and have it arrive pre-assembled) the kit could very well save your butt at work if you’re the type who doesn’t actually want to.

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