Dyson Has A New $500 Air Purifying Fan But Um, It Doesn’t Heat

Dyson Has A New $500 Air Purifying Fan But Um, It Doesn’t Heat
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You can usually expect quality and design from Dyson products, you just need to sacrifice some serious coin for it.

The company’s latest fan release, the Pure Cool Me, is a personal air-purifying fan but don’t expect it to warm you up for the $500 price tag.

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Dyson’s latest fan, the Pure Cool Me, beams air at you like a regular fan but through a HEPA filter.

But unlike some of Dyson’s other fans, this one doesn’t come with a heating system meaning you’ll probably only be able to use it during the warmer months.

In addition to keeping you cool, its primary purpose is to purify the air, removing 99 per cent of “particles as small as pollen and allergens” thanks to that filter.

If, like me, you suffer a sad life of hayfever and general despair, the air-purification aspect of the fan is a great feature – it’s nice to not have dust particles and allergens thrusted into your nose at the speed of light.

The technology behind it is also equally impressive, because Dyson. The company even made the small lights on the unit auto dim in the dark so they wouldn’t keep you up at night.

But despite the nifty features and attack on dirty air, it’s possibly going to be a hard sell at $500 when you can only use it when it’s hot. It’s also a weird flex for a company that has literally already made dual heating and cooling air purification fans before.

If the Pure Cool Me has actually been the product you’ve been searching for your whole life, it’ll be available in department stores from September 6 for a cool $499.