Cops Intervene After Amazon’s ‘Mrs. Maisel’ Promotion Is So Good, It Stops Traffic

Cops Intervene After Amazon’s ‘Mrs. Maisel’ Promotion Is So Good, It Stops Traffic
Photo: <a href="">The Marvellous Mrs. Maisel Official Twitter</a>, Twitter

Amazon’s latest promotion for its Emmy-nominated comedy The Marvellous Mrs. Maisel — dialling back prices around Los Angeles to reflect the show’s 1959 setting — proved so popular that police had to temporarily shut it down Thursday, according to a local ABC affiliate.

Turns out, offering gas at 10 cents ($0.15) per litre in a state where it regularly costs close to $US1.5 ($2) can create quite a stir. Customers came in droves to snag the deal, resulting in traffic delays severe enough to prompt Santa Monica police to intervene.

Several officers arrived at a local gas station to temporarily suspend the promotion and look slightly ridiculous next to all the hot pink The Marvellous Mrs. Maisel displays and advertisements. The department issued a warning about the backup on its Twitter that afternoon, and the campaign resumed shortly afterward.

Gizmodo reached out to Amazon about the incident and didn’t receive an immediate response, though I suspect the company’s not complaining too much about the incident. After all, this police intervention did drum up a lot of free press for its Emmy frontrunner in the final weeks of the campaign season.

Plus, it distracts from the other piece of Amazon news going viral today: the company’s 100 per cent human and not at all creepy “FC Ambassador” accounts.

Other one-day “Maisel Day” deals (that, based on the lack of police reports, I’m assuming people are snagging in a more orderly fashion) include movie tickets for 51 cents ($0.75), manicures for $US2 ($3), and cupcakes for a quarter.

With the period comedy up for a whopping 20 Emmys this year — second only to the decidedly less funny Game of Thrones — Amazon has been doubling down on the show’s advertising campaign ahead of next month’s awards.

Earlier this year, the e-commerce giant sent a bright pink Carnegie Deli food truck around New York City to sell snacks themed to the show. Another food-themed stunt in June had Amazon teaming up with Postmates to offer a meal pack that included some of Midge Maisel’s favourites.