All The Apple Rumours You Can Stomach Before September

All The Apple Rumours You Can Stomach Before September

September is just around the corner, and so is Apple’s annual spring event where it announces a stream of new products. Earlier leaks have hinted at a three-camera array for the new iPhones, but it also looks like we’ll see some new iPads, and the biggest MacBook Pro in years, according to a Bloomberg report. In any case, here’s a rundown of what to expect once Apple Day rolls around.

First off, the new iPhones. Apple is reportedly launching three new phones under the “Pro” moniker, one each to replace the iPhone XR, XS, and XS Max. While the exact naming is unclear, the Bloomberg report confirms that the polarising square camera design is likely due to the addition of a third sensor.

The sensor will reportedly allow for ultra-wide angle shots, higher-resolution photos and better low-light pics. Adding a third sensor means the new iPhones will take three shots simultaneously and then use AI to produce a “combined” photo — so theoretically, it won’t be an issue if you accidentally cut out a person, for example. The higher-end phones will also sport better video capabilities, including a feature that will allow you to retouch, add effects, tweak colours and crop video as you’re recording. For the “budget” option, Apple will add a second back camera.

Improved cameras aren’t the only upgrades. Bloomberg reports that you can expect to see reverse wireless charging where you can charge devices, like the AirPods, with your phone — very similar to the Samsung Galaxy handsets released earlier this year. Under the hood, the phones will sport faster A13 processors, ostensibly to help with augmented reality features.

Other upgrades include multi-angle FaceID, better water resistance, and new OLED screens that replace 3D Touch with “Haptic Touch.” None of the phones will be 5G ready, but it’s possible that the new phones will ship with fast-charging USB-C cables.

Some other interesting news: Apple’s also planning on a new big boy laptop. The new MacBook Pro is expected to clock in at over 16-inches with teeny tiny bezels. Size-wise, Bloomberg reports it should be similar to the current 15-inch MacBook Pros. The bigger size is notable, as it’s the largest laptop Apple’s made since it discontinued the 17-inch MacBook Pro in 2012.

Now onto everything else. Earlier this year, Apple introduced a new iPad Mini and the iPad Air. For September, it’ll supposedly refresh the iPad Pro and an entry-level iPad for schools. Both the 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pros will get upgraded cameras and processors, but otherwise, will stay the same. The entry-level iPad will come in at 10.2 inches, but that’s about all the information we have on that.

As for wearables, the Apple Watch Series 5 doesn’t seem to be getting much in terms of hardware. This year, it would appear Apple’s focusing much more on software updates via watchOS 6, most of which were announced earlier at WWDC. AirPods, however, are likely to see a price hike but include water resistance and noise cancellation. Lastly, Apple also refuses to give up on the HomePod — it’s supposedly working on a cheaper version with just two tweeters as opposed to the seven featured in the current HomePod.

We’ll know more in early September. When exactly? It’s looking a lot like September 10 in the U.S., as Apple generally holds its press event on the second Tuesday or Wednesday of that year. (It also avoids holding events on September 11.) That’s bolstered by a 9to5 Mac report, which noted that an iOS 13 beta screenshot titled “Hold For Release” showed the Tuesday, September 10 date.

In the meantime, we’re taking any bets on how much the iPhone 11 Pro Max, or whatever it ends up being called, will cost.