3 Hair Tools That Will Make Your Mornings Easier

3 Hair Tools That Will Make Your Mornings Easier
Image: iStock / RichLegg

Having perfect hair seems damn near impossible when, let’s be honest, bad hair days can dominate the better part of an average week. For any hope of turning that right around, ahead are three of best hair tools we should have in our bathroom cupboard.

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A versatile hair straightener

While most of us can’t get by without our hair straightener, we can absolutely do without the damage it leaves behind.

The ghd Original Styler is a multi-award winning hair straightener which uses ceramic heat technology to minimise heat damage, described as a hair ‘styler’ rather than a hair ‘straightener’.

Its claim to fame is its ability to create different styles at an optimum 185 degrees for lasting results with
minimised heat damage. Less heat damage means less breakage and less fading for subsequently healthier hair. That’s a win-win.

The rounded barrel, ceramic floating plates and lengthy 2.7m cable makes the ghd Original Styler great value when you consider how easy it is to create different waves and curls, as well as super straight, shiny hair which actually
stays that way all day. One tool for several different looks is pretty appealing.

A whatever-curl-you-want tool

The second must-have hair tool if you love your curls, ringlets or waves is the muk Curl Stick. It’s not hard to see why this curling wand has won Beauty Heaven’s Best In Beauty Awards for five years running. It provides easy styling to create a variety of different looks using the three different sized and shaped barrels.

The wand is titanium and uses sophisticated infrared and ion heat technology to ensure even heat distribution. What does that mean, exactly? It helps curls hold their shape really well, which we all know can be a drama at the best of times. With so many styles possible and an attractive two-year warranty, the muk Curl Stick offers excellent value for money.

A straightener for thick and unruly hair

Halo’s The Farrah deals with thick, naturally curly, coarse hair with no trouble at all. It’s top-quality while still using safe and effective technology, which is ideal when damaged or stressed-out hair can be further damaged by too much heat, cheap, nasty plates and repeated passes.

The Farrah effectively straightens difficult hair with just one pass – in fact it is actually designed specifically to smooth thick and coarse hair. It uses titanium plates which create sleek hair and lock in moisture – ideal if you have dry hair.

It cools down instantly which is handy when you’re in a hurry, but it also has an auto shut-off feature so there is no need to worry if you accidentally leave it on. So yes, both you and your hair will be stress-free with this one – everyone’s had that icky feeling that they’ve left their straightener on but they’re already well on their way to work, right?