Why Are We The Shit Version Of New Zealand?

Why Are We The Shit Version Of New Zealand?
Image: The Juice Media

After wrapping up season one during the Federal Election, we weren’t expecting to see Honest Government Ads for awhile.

But to our surprise they’re back just in time to create a faux tourism ad that tears down every single state for various misdeeds.

Honest Government Ad Reminds Us How Messed The Last Six Years Have Been

With mere weeks to go until the Federal Election, Honest Government Ads is back to remind us of all the highly questionable the government and its 47 prime ministers have done over the past six years. Spend the next five minutes simultaneously laughing and crying over precious memories like Robo-debt, child poverty, refugee treatment, banks writing royal commissions into themselves and that $49 million Captain Cook statue.

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Starting strong with the treatment of press freedom and fake How To Vote Cards, the video gets down to the nitty gritty as it dives into each state, including the fracking of the Northern Territory, Adani and casual deforestation.

It also asks the most pertinent question of all – why is Australia the shit version of New Zealand?

You can find more Honest Government Ads to laugh-cry to over at The Juice Media’ YouTube page.