We Built The 2300-Piece Stranger Things LEGO Set And Now We're In The Upside Down

Video: LEGO my Eggo! When we saw that Stranger Things was getting its own 2300-piece LEGO set, Gizmodo video producer Raul Marrero knew he had to journey into the Upside Down and create this monstrosity. Check out our time-lapse video build of the Byers’ home, just in time for season three of Stranger Things. Be careful: The Mind Flayer might be watching too.

Built in about 12 to 16 hours (over the course of three days), this Stranger Things set recreates both the regular and Upside Down versions of Joyce, Jonathan and Will’s home, stacked on top of each other.

It’s 2287 pieces of cool Easter eggs and references, featuring special cameos from the Alphabet wall, Will the Wise’s wizard hat, Eleven’s Eggo waffles and of course a cute little Demogorgon figure you can use to haunt the heroes. If you want to stop him, there’s an oh-so-adorable bear trap too.

Be sure to check out the video to see how this Stranger Things LEGO set came together. We’ve also included some amazing photos of the build, so you can get an up-close peek at all the fun details. 

Stranger Things: The Upside Down LEGO set is currently available at the LEGO Store for $349.99. Stranger Things 3 is now out on Netflix.

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