UK Hospital Staff Accidentally Spiked With Weed Cake

A kindly grandfather sneaked a cake from his grandson’s 18th birthday party to gift to hospital staff as a thank you for their care, but the old man unwittingly stole a secret jolly cake that had been laced with cannabis and left several hospital staff “off their faces” as a result.

Hospital bosses denied anyone actually had any of the cake or suffered any ill/amazing effects, because that may well open them up to massive legal action from patients and the government.

Cheshire Police, however, was called to the scene, and reported that some slices were indeed consumed on the premises, with Manchester Evening News speaking to an anonymous staff member who claimed some staff were “relaxed” while some, who presumably had bigger slices or perhaps returned for a sneaky second guzzle, were left “off their faces” from something a bit more impactful than a sugar rush.

Even the anonymous tipster knew to cover the arses of all involved, though, as he said: “There was no impact on the patients whatsoever,” as well you might say, when everyone’s in the news for being stoned at work, and your work is making people not die.

[Sky News]

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