The Good Place’s Season 3 Blooper Reel Is 9 Minutes Of Forking Deliciousness

Image: NBC

Shawn the Immortal Being thinks he’s here to torture us with nine minutes of bloopers from The Good Place, but what he doesn’t (or perhaps does?) realise is that we’re here for every forking second of it.

Released during The Good Place panel at San Diego Comic-Con, the season three blooper reel feels like a non-stop party and all my senses are invited.

We’ve got biting puppies, Kristen Bell giving shirty driving directions and Ted Danson forgetting where he stashed a prop in the middle of a library. And if you thought Chidi’s abs were something to smile about, just stay until the end.

The Good Place returns with its fourth and final season on September 27 in the U.S.. Stay tuned for news on the Australian release!