The Director Of The Witch Gets Creepy Once Again In The Trailer For The Lighthouse

The first trailer for The Lighthouse is here. (Photo: A24)

When Robert Eggers released The Witch, it was one of those movies that made you go, “I’ll watch any movie this guy makes from now until forever.” And now is your chance. The first trailer for his next movie is here.

It’s called The Lighthouse and it stars Robert Pattinson (who has some small rodent movie coming up) and Willem Dafoe as two men who work in a New England lighthouse in the 1890s. What happens from there? We have no idea and this trailer won’t answer that question either, which is why it’s so effective.

The Lighthouse premiered at the Cannes Film Festival a few months back, so there are reviews out there that probably have spoilers but, after a trailer like that, would you really want to know more? It’s the guy who did The Witch, that cast, those visuals? Fine, one more thing. Those reviews? There are over 50 of them and its 98 per cent Fresh. So yeah, we’re looking forward to this.

The Lighthouse opens October 18 in New York and LA with an expansion to follow. Stay tuned for news of an Australian release.

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