The Coolest Star Wars And Marvel Reveals Hasbro Brought To Comic-Con

The Coolest Star Wars And Marvel Reveals Hasbro Brought To Comic-Con
All Images: Hasbro

Every San Diego Comic-Con, Hasbro lifts the lid on what fans can expect from its line of toys and collectibles from the galaxy far, far away as well as the comics and movie universes of Marvel. This year is no exception, with everything from some very cute Star Wars figures to… Squirrel Girl on a moped?? Hell yeah!

Star Wars

Galaxy of Adventures Figures

The excellent series of Star Wars animated shorts technically has a toy line already — but, disappointingly, it’s actually just been a series of repacks from Hasbro’s line of 3.75″, limited-articulation action figures with new packaging featuring art from the series. That’s finally changing, with Galaxy of Adventures not only getting a unique line, but moving to an entirely new scale in the process.

The new Galaxy of Adventures figures — kicking off with Han Solo, Chewbacca, C-3PO, and Darth Vader — will be 5″ tall, and feature all-new sculpts that more closely replicate the stylised look of the shorts themselves. On top of increased articulation, they’ll also include bonus action features, like a blaster quickdraw for Han, or lightsaber swinging action for Vader. Each figure will retail for $US10 ($14), and the first wave drops this spring.

Black Series Boba Fett Helmet

The next collectible helmet from the Black Series prop line is none other than the galaxy’s most beloved, yet incompetent Bounty Hunter, Boba Fett. Being released next year to coincide with Empire Strikes Back‘s 40th anniversary, the helmet is not only wearable, but features light up sections and an articulated viewfinder attachment, which itself has a lightup rangefinder. All that goodness will set you back a whopping $US120 ($170) though, so you’ll need to hunt some bounties to make up for dropping that much on a swanky helmet!

Hyperreal Bespin Luke Skywalker

At New York Toy Fair earlier this year, Hasbro announced another big scale line: Hyperreal, an 20cm scaled range of figures that utilise an internal armature, deluxe fabrication and costuming techniques, and come with a host of extra accessories to give Star Wars fans the some of the most detailed action figures the company has ever attempted. Darth Vader, based on his appearance in Empire, was announced to kick off the line, so it makes sense that his son is the next one to join him, right?

Luke was only shown off in CG render rather than in final figurine form, but he’ll come in specially tailored clothing based on his jumpsuit worn for the duel on Bespin in ESB, and with a host of matching accessories like his lightsaber and blaster, and a Bespin-themed base. And, presumably, a way for his hand to get lopped off. You’ll be waiting a while to pick him up though — the younger Skywalker isn’t set for release until spring of 2020, and he’ll cost $US80 ($114), like his father before him.


Avengers: Endgame Thor Wave

Now that Endgame has been out in the wild, Hasbro can finally start really giving us some figures from the film’s bigger moments, instead of going “uhhh… here’s everyone in those white suits from the trailers?” The next line of Endgame Legends figures will launch later this year, and includes the 2012 Captain America, a Rangarok and Infinty War-styled Heimdall, Valkyrie in her, err, Valkyrie armour, Iron Man’s LXXXV armour, Vision, and Iron Patriot.

Even better than all that? Collecting the entire wave will net you the pieces to build a Thor figure based on his… let’s go with rustic appearance after Endgame‘s 5-year timeskip. There’s even an alternate head with shades! Very cool.

Marvel Vehicles

Two sweet new rides are coming to the deluxe line of Legends vehicles in the spring next year: First up is a totally out-there Cosmic Ghost Rider, complete with his incredibly silly space-bike. But, even better, is Doreen Green herself, a.k.a. the Unbeatable Squirrel Girl! As well as a sweet moped to ride, Doreen comes with not one, but three squirrels to command, including her best squirrel-bud Tippy-toe… or, more likely drive around in the moped’s attached basket.

Legends Spider-Man

Spider-Man’s such a huge character, and basically has his own universe of characters, that Hasbro can just keep churning out Spidey-themed waves at a mile a minute, whether it’s based on the films or the comics. This next wave, also out in autumn 2020, actually takes inspiration from another Spider-medium, however: two of the figures are based on suits from for the Playstation 4 video game, Marvel’s Spider-Man. The first is a suit made specifically for the game, the Velocity Suit, designed by Marvel artist Adi Granov. The second is the game’s take on a comics suit, specifically, the Mk III iteration of Peter’s Spider-Armour.

Joining the two Spidey figs in the wave will be the very Spidey-adjacent villain the Vulture, replicating his classic comic book look, and then the… not quite as Spidey-adjacent hero, martial arts legend Shang-Chi.

Legends X-Men

Likewise, the X-Men are thematically varied enough that they can support their own individual line of Legends figures. Hasbro brought the mutants out in full force this year, revealing half of a new wave of X-figs due out in autumn 2020. Gird your wallets, folks! The wave will feature a few more as-yet-revealed figures, but three of the latest line-up include X-Man, Morph, and Weapon X.


Speaking of mutants, a few bundled multipacks were also revealed at Comic-Con. First up as part of the Marvel 80th anniversary line is a Deadpool two-pack containing the merc with a mouth in a fancy white suit, as well as Hit-Monkey, also in a fancy white suite. To make up for the fact that Hit-Monkey is, well, an action figure of a monkey (albeit one who is also a deadly marksman!), the pack includes a bunch of extra accessories for the duo, like a guitar, and Headpool, mounted on a little RC car.

Hasbro also unveiled two new multipacks based on the totally radical “˜90s X-Men teams, one featuring Jean Grey, Wolverine, and Cyclops, and another featuring Polaris and Havok. You can check out more details on that in our exclusive reveal, here!

Deluxe Figures and Exclusives

This year’s reveals were rounded off with a few odds-and-ends announcements. Want a New Mutants Dani Moonstar? You’re getting one only at Walgreens! How about Deathlok? He’s coming, too! She-Hulk? On the way in an upcoming wave! A standalone repack of the old Civil War Giant-Man build-a-figure? Hope you didn’t pay out the nose for all the parts after the fact! A Strong Guy build-a-figure? You’re a very particular person, but Hasbro somehow has you covered! Punisher in a Bandana? Also happening.

Check them all out in the gallery above.