The 10 Raddest And Most Random Props We Spotted At The Orville Exhibit At SDCC

The filming model that’s actually used on <em>The Orville.</em> (Photo: Cheryl Eddy, io9)

Seth MacFarlane’s delightfully entertaining sci-fi series, The Orville, will be back for a third season! Thankfully that means we’ll get to see what happens after season two’s timeline shake-up. To shake things up ourselves, we stopped by a special Orville exhibit at San Diego Comic-Con last week that highlighted some of the show’s most memorable props so far.

Of course, there were plenty of uniforms and some wonderfully elaborate costumes on display, as well as surprisingly detailed weapons and gorgeous concept art. But it was actually even more thrilling to see the unexpected and wonderfully random items The Orville decided to bring along to share with fans.

Here’s a gallery sharing our 10 favourites.

Photo: All photos Cheryl Eddy, io9

Photo: All photos Cheryl Eddy, io9

1) Behold, the Bortus make-up. More specifically, the Bortus make-up featuring that ‘stache he grew for one glorious episode.

2) Claire and Isaac’s snazzy “date night” ensembles were a standout among the many costumes on display.

3) The Moclan dagger! You know, in case someone needs a quickie divorce.

4) Pro-tip: If you see a Kaylon with red eyes, you’re already dead.

5) Who could forget a lonely Ed Mercer hanging out with Bortus and Klyden, learning about one of Moclan culture’s most diverting and painful past times?

6) According to the exhibit caption, special effects make-up artist Howard Berger modelled this “Krill sacrifice head” after horror make-up legend Tom Savini. Hail Avis!

7) Gelatinous crew member Yaphet’s guitar, which factored into one of his many attempts to woo Claire.

8) To quote John LaMarr, Chief Engineer of the <em>Orville</em> and noted ladies’ man: “Always go with one more zipper than you’re comfortable with.” BOOM.

9) When a 21st-century time capsule brings nicotine aboard the <em>Orville</em>, Bortus and Klyden soon develop a habit as raging as it is hilarious.

10) Ed Mercer’s Kermit the frog toy! A source of leadership inspiration, he’s always there to remind the captain to keep his cool in a crisis.

The Orville will be back for season three on Hulu in the U.S., with no information on an Australian release just yet.