Rick And Morty’s Cast And Crew Shared Clips And A Teeny Bit Of Season 4 News At Their SDCC Panel

Rick And Morty’s Cast And Crew Shared Clips And A Teeny Bit Of Season 4 News At Their SDCC Panel
Image: Adult Swim

We’ve learned precious little about season four of Rick and Morty, other than its November premiere date, those two very recent image glimpses, and that its planning involved a hell of a lot of Post-It notes. But at its San Diego Comic-Con panel, we finally got a peek at what’s to come from co-creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland.

Joining the executive producers and co-creators (Roiland also voices both of the title characters) were Spencer Grammer (who plays Summer, Morty’s older sister), Sarah Chalke (who plays Rick’s daughter, Beth, the mother of Summer and Morty) and Chris Parnell (who plays Beth’s on-again, off-again husband, Jerry, as well as dad to Summer and Morty).

We didn’t get a trailer, but we did get some first-look clips, as well as repeated reassurances that the long gaps between seasons that Rick and Morty fans have become grimly accustomed to are finally a thing of the past. In fact, Roiland said that the team has already begun work on season five, even with a few months left to go before season four is ready for the airwaves.

“There was a lot of stuff that happened between seasons three and four that won’t have to happen again,” he explained, referring to the drawn-out

Harmon and Roiland also shared a couple of clips, including a rough animatic of a scene that sees Rick and Morty (sort of) helping Jerry hang Christmas lights, before blasting off for an adventure that’s hampered by a flat tire, a long-winded Saturday Night Live joke, and the sudden appearance of a “space snake.”

They also dropped this finished clip that was thankfully shared online, too. It features guest voice Taika Waititi playing alien intern Glootie.

“You can’t stay mad at a guy with this kind of talent!”

Presumably, we’ll get a full trailer out of Adult Swim in the coming months. Rick and Morty season four premieres in November.