Prepare Your Wallets Because Amazon’s Prime Day 2019 Has Been Announced

Prepare Your Wallets Because Amazon’s Prime Day 2019 Has Been Announced
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It’s a wonderful time of year because everything, everywhere is on sale and our bank balances are ultimately the victims.

But, if you still have any savings left over from a rough few weeks of great deals, you’re in the luck because the big daddy of online sales has just been announced.

Jeff Bezos Ascends To Richest Dude Throne On Prime Day

Amazon’s malign power has grown to the point where for several years now, it has declared its own holiday, Prime Day, which is essentially centred around giving it huge amounts of money while ignoring that it is maybe evil. This year’s Prime Day is especially special, because the Bloomberg Billionaires Index has declared Amazon’s tyrant CEO Jeff Bezos the richest individual in modern recorded history when adjusting for inflation.

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Amazon’s Prime Day 2019 is scheduled in for 48 hours starting from Monday 15 July at 00:01 AEST to Tuesday 16 July. What’s even more concerning for any savings we’ve managed to squirrel away is that Australians will get an extra 17 hours of sales “straight from the United States.”

That’s a total of 65 hours of insane sales. Excuse me while I faint.

If you haven’t actually heard about Prime Day before, let us paint a picture. Lines totaling a kilometre long, bright yellow sales signs everywhere you look, people frantically filling up their trolleys. All of this, but online.

Of course, there’s a tiny catch. You’ll need to be an Amazon Prime member to access the sales, which if you aren’t already, is free to trial for the first 30 days. You’ve just got to remember to cancel your membership if you don’t to intend to pay after the intensity of Prime Day is done.

Happy deal hunting!