Milla Jovovich Joins In The Cult Fun In The Gorgeously Weird Paradise Hills Trailer

Milla Jovovich gets her Duchess on. (Image: Samuel Goldwyn Films)

Video: Satan? So out. Creepy cults? So in.

Yes, as if Midsommar at the box office or Handmaid’s Tale on TV wasn’t enough to satiate your cult-lust, the new trailer for Alice Waddington’s Paradise Hills is here to give you more of what you crave.

Sinister monotone outfits! The disgustingly extravagant revelry of an elite class! A young woman inducted into a seemingly idyllic yet inevitably sinister remote society! Milla Jovovich with superpowers!

Wait, Milla Jovovich with superpowers?

Or at least, Milla’s up to something no good in Paradise Hill’s island community, given all the sci-fi experiments being run on girls there.

Something about shaping them into the ideal young ladies their parents would want them to be also involves a bit of memory alteration and, if Milla’s devilish Duchess is anything to go by, the ability to shatter glass with your mind when you’re peeved. No wonder poor Uma (Emma Roberts) wants off this wild island.

So yes, long live the creepy cult movie trend. Paradise Hills, also starring Awkwafina, Eiza Gonzalez, Danielle McDonald and more, hits US cinemas this November. An Australian release date has not yet been announced.

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