Mark Hamill Shares An Unused DVD Feature For Tim Burton's Batman Featuring Himself And Kevin Conroy

The Joker in Batman (1989). (Image: Warner Bros.)

Video: Making storyboards interesting for a special feature is tricky, especially when the original actors aren’t around to provide any voice-over work to make the images pop on screen. In what appears to be a cancelled special feature, the best voices ever to get on board the Batman franchise were there to help.

The feature, from the original Tim Burton Batman flick, has been unearthed thanks to Mark Hamill, who found it in an old upload on YouTube and shared it on Twitter.

The video, he explains, was voiced by Hamill and Kevin Conroy (playing the Joker and Batman, respectively) as a look at a cut scene from the original Batman script that would have introduced Robin.

Eventually, Robin was deemed unnecessary and the scene was cut. And so, for unknown reasons, was the special feature, likely slated for some DVD release or another.

The feature, which also includes Jason Hillhouse as Dick Grayson, has been online for a while, but I’ve never seen it before and I’m betting you haven’t either. Check it out.

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