Jon Favreau's The Lion King Had One Shot In It That Wasn't CGI

Just some happy lions. (Image: Disney)

Did you notice?

Jon Favreau, director of the new, all-CG but very uncannily realistic The Lion King, is expecting you didn’t. Notice what, you ask?

Well, the real shot, the one piece of actual meatspace photography in the otherwise computer-generated film. If you didn’t — and, let’s be honest, you didn’t — then worry not, because Favreau was generous enough to share it on Twitter.

As it turns out, the opening of “The Circle of Life” — the first shot in the film — was just a real picture of Africa. A lovely picture, at that. I’m honestly a little troubled that I couldn’t tell the difference. Computer graphics are maybe a bit too convincing for my addled brain this morning.

The Lion King is in theatres now.

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