Infinity Train Is Finally Pulling Into The Station Next Month

Infinity Train Is Finally Pulling Into The Station Next Month

We have been waiting an infinity – ok, more like three-ish years – since Owen Dennis’s original Infinity Train short came out of the Cartoon Network Artist Program and immediately dazzled us. But at long last, we now know that the full series is going to start airing on Cartoon Network in the U.S. next month.

The network has officially announced that Infinity Train will premiere with a with a five-night event, starting on Tuesday, August 6.

A new episode of the series, starring the young computer science-loving Tulip (Ashley Johnson) and her companions One-One the robot (Jeremy Crutchley) and Atticus, Corgi King of Corginia (Ernie Hudson) as they explore the infinite interdimensional insides of the titular train on a quest to get Tulip home, will premiere each night throughout the week, although further details on Infinity Train’s schedule beyond this premiere are being kept under wraps for now.

There’s also no word on an international release, so us Aussies may have to wait a little while longer. Still, it’s great news for the long-gestating series!

Given the huge buzz about the series ever since the original short, which has racked up nearly five million views since it was posted on YouTube in 2016, this has been a moment long coming from Cartoon Network.

Hopefully, after this swanky event premiere, Infinity Train won’t immediately become like Steven Universe and Adventure Time, where fans were left waiting for months and months between sudden, glorious bursts of new episodes.

Oh, who are we kidding, it’s a highly anticipated, mysterious new Cartoon Network show. Of course it will be like that. Still, we can spend the next few weeks crossing our fingers and hoping otherwise.