This Car Looks Like Jar-Jar Binks Fight Me

This Car Looks Like Jar-Jar Binks Fight Me

Look, like most of you, I’m not happy at all that Jar-Jar Fucking Binks is trending on Twitter and social media right now. Like the rest of the population of sentient beings on Earth, I’ve been enjoying the 20 or so years of not having to remember that Jar-Jar Binks was ever a thing, at all, and now that reverie has been shattered. So, instead of complaining about it, I’ll do my best to deal with it: by reminding you that he sort of looks like a Caterham 7.

I missed my window to remind the world that the front end of a Caterham (formerly Lotus) 7 lean, hungry sports car looks strangely like Jar-Jar’s stupid face back in 1999 when the cringingly offensive and kinda racist-seeming Gungan was first paraded out to a deeply nonplussed world with the release of the Phantom Menace.

Jalopnik didn’t exist back in 1999, and I had no wide-reaching platform to make this very important observation to anyone who would listen.

But I do now, and I won’t let this opportunity go to waste.

Mostly, I want to make clear that no one should blame the Caterham 7 for the sins of Jar-Jar; the Lotus/Caterham was first by a long shot, orginally designed by Colin Chapman way back in 1957.

The Lotus 7, and later, the Caterham 7, is innocent of all the “meesa tink” bullshit of the most painful alien character ever dreamed up until George Lucas decides to invent a race of hemorrhoid-based aliens with thick Yiddish accents.

So, as Jar-Jar is forced into the spotlight again for one brief moment, I beg of you, please, don’t drag the Caterham 7 down with it. It’s worth so much more than that.